Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mel's TV - Then and Now

This great chrome postcard is advertising Mel's TV, in Venice, California. Lots of details on the back, including:

"Quality Sales and Service Since 1950. The right place to buy.. New Packard Bell T. V. - Radio - Hi Fi. New Webcor & V. M Phonos & Recorders. Used T. V.s with a money-back guarantee. Budget Terms."

Wonder whatever happened to the place? Now, it's a Thai restaurant! Am I sure of that? Yes Siam!!


Snap said...

Oh, my goodness! Love this before and after! At least the building is still there! Fun! Happy PFF!

Irene said...

Great cards, both views are interesting, but I love the Mel's one best.

LiT Web Studio said...

fantastic then and now post - great sleuthing!

viridian said...

Great post! I remember the days of 'hi-fi.'

Heather said...

Very cool to see the before and after. Thanks.

Rita said...

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dmarks said...

Wow. Packard Bell. That company came back in the 1980s and 1990s as a terrible computer company.

Anonymous said...

I used to work there as a kid. Mel hired me to file schematics and cleanup the place. I later learned how to repair TV's. It was a neat place to work since I got to meet some TV stars that lived in the area. They would drop in to rent or have their consoles fixed.

Michael Ginsburg said...

My dad, Mel, seems to recall you. He is 91 and his memory is pretty good. Do you remember the year(s) you worked there?

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, I worked there in my high school years so it was about 1980 thru 1983. I think I even have an old pay stub tucked away in storage somewhere. I do have a couple of his pocket protectors which he gave me to use to protect my shirts from all the pens or small screw drivers. I learned how to read schematics from him, although I was hired to file all the schematics the technicians used daily. Your dad had free Cokes and I recall drinking quite a few of them. I learned to fix TV's and got to the point where I could pinpoint the problem based on the symptoms. He taught me to clean tuners and boy did I enjoy doing those and using special cleaning towels used specifically for that. Your dad was a good mentor and teacher. He was flexible with my hours and enjoyed every day of work. His top technician, Howard Fowler, was a great guy to learn from too. He was the coolest and easiest going guy. I miss those days and wish I could turn the hands of time and go back. I now am an Electrical Engineer working for a Biotech company in the Bay Area. Lots of your dad's mentoring has helped me look at complex designs and break them down into simple circuits.Please tell your dad that he was a great boss, mentor, and friend. I visit LA a couple of times a year, I would love to see him if possible.

Mike said...

I just now saw your November 2019 post.

Saul... Sounds like my Dad had you doing all the same things he had me do when I worked for him. I, too, so enjoyed working for me. He taught me so much at work as he did at home. He was a great boss and mentor to me too. But an even a better Dad.

He passed away mid March 2019, several months short of his 92nd birthday. Not the best way, he had fallen in early December 2018 and broke an ankle. And his dementia got pretty bad. Was bedridden for those last 3 plus months, and spent the last 3 weeks of that in Hospice at home. But he did go peacefully and quickly when the time came.

Believe me. I believe he knew how much everyone working for him, appreciated the opportunity.

Anonymous said... sorry to hear about Mel's passing. Great to know Mel's was an even better Dad seeing he was very focused on everything he did. I will miss the opportunity to visit him as I was glad to hear he was still around in our last exchange.

If you have an opportunity to send me a picture or two of your dad and his family I would greatly appreciate it. Here is my email.

Thank you for your posts, they are priceless and bring back great memories working at Mel's TV. One of my best years as a teenager.

Blessing and Favor or your family.