Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arizona Precision Sheet Metal

What does it take to sell sheet metal machinery? It takes "Cindy," the girl showing off the new Automec machine! Here's the text from the back of the card:

Our Cindy says, "What is an Automec?" Well, we never could keep a secret, but then there is a first time for everything. We ain't-a-going to tell ya this eliminates the manual need to re-adjust the back gage. With six different settings and up to nine repeats per setting, Arizona Precision Sheet Metal can reduce your forming costs and increase the accuracy with the one time handling principal. Cindy likes things in the right position!

Times have changed, huh?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Imperial Girls' Band

Brass Bands in the early 1900's provided much of the local musical entertainment in towns across America. These community organizations were formed by the towns themselves, clubs and organizations, and even factories. There are lots of great Real Photo postcards of bands of that era, and it's easy to imagine them just having bought all their instruments and costumes directly from Harold Hill, right out of "The Music Man."

This postcard is different, in that it depicts an all-girls' band -- a rarity in that nearly all the musicians in all these bands were boys or men. These young ladies look very proud of themselves, and all the more so because of their uniqueness!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Never Built

This graceful bridge, from New Jersey to Manhattan, won't look familiar to you, because it was never built. The precursor to the George Washington Bridge, this version was severely scaled down due to the Great Depression. The entire story is here: