Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Vintage Office Equipment

From the back of the card:

Check these features and compare: Automatic Inking, 3 minute color change, No drum, no ink pad, Prints post card to legal size, 3-way copy adjustment, Printing area 8 x 14, Automatic cutoff counter, No make-ready or clean up, Printing press quality. The BDC Rex Rotary M4 is always clean, can never leak or cake. Full One Year Guarantee. Electric automatic inking - $345, Hand automatic inking - $250, Hand manual inking $210. Lucas Bros. Inc. Ask for a free demonstration in your own office.

Can you smell the purple ink?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crest Motel

I love this postcard because this place looks like a total dump. They took extra effort to include an inset of the swimming pool, but how could that be a good idea? The pool has few chairs around it, and it is so close to the parking lot that you could breathe the car exhaust while you swim (or drive your car into the pool since there's no fence around the pool to keep out your '62 Dodge or your 2-year old child).

The best part is the sign. It's a total ripoff of the Holiday Inn "Great Sign." If you look closely at photos of the old Holiday Inn signs, it's clear that this is not one of them, since the proportions are different and there's no marquee to hang the letters on that spell "Happy Anniversary Marge and Jim" on one side and "Visit Our Lounge" on the other.

Here's a "Great Sign" for comparison...