Friday, January 28, 2011

Voice Mail Circa 1975

Here's the latest innovation...Your Complete 24-hour electronic message center. All you have to do is put the machine next to the phone, so that the plastic arm is pressing down on the switchhook, and put the receiver in the machine. Then put a carnation near the phone since it's not beautiful enough on its own, and no one would be interested in it unless it was more aesthetically pleasing. Well, maybe we should just read the actual back of this advertising postcard from the 70's, to really understand this new technology:

"Telephone your own Telephone To Find out who called while your were out; To Change the message you want your callers to receive. No more missed phone calls - Your telephone is always answered courteously in your own voice - Every phone message, sales order, etc. accurately and confidentially recorded -- 24 hour customer telephone service possible with RSVP - Save on secretarial help - Own your own RSVP for less than the cost of an answering service - VOICE-ACTIVATED! The RSVP Secretary will continue to record your caller's messages as long as they continue to speak...and will hand up ONLY and the END of the message - RSVP is completely portable -- no direct wire connections -- no line charges."

I love these chrome advertisements for office equipment. I have a number of new ones to post in the near future, including dictaphones, filing systems, and desks!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Orchard Beach in the Future

Old Orchard is a coastal resort town in Maine. A summer vacation destination since the 1800's, it has a 7-mile long beach, hotels and an amusement park frequented by New Englanders and Canadians. I grew up in Portland, about 30 minutes away, so collecting postcards depicting Old Orchard is a passion.

After a very long search, I finally found the Old Orchard in the Future card from 1907. It's deemed to be rare by Daniel E. Blaney, the author of the Arcadia Publishing book "Old Orchard Beach" and the president of the Old Orchard Beach Historical Society, who states in the book that this card is the most sought after card by collectors. He says that he knows of only four copies to exist, of which he owns three. Presented above is copy No. 5 !

Monday, January 3, 2011

Morse Motel (or is that REmorse?)

The Morse Motel was right there on Highway 51 in Cairo, Illinois. It looks like the kind of place that might be named the "REMorse" Motel, for all the folks who shacked up there and felt guilty afterwards.

In any event, the message on the back is a great one: "Almost 400 miles. Good roads. Sunshine most all the way. Grass is green. 51 degrees. Candy gone by noon. Oranges gone by 3:30. Ate Brownies after Supper. Watching Red Skelton from our bed. Earl and Tess. Report this card to Alice."