Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Controversial Topic

They say never discuss religion or politics. Here I go, breaking the rule. This linen-era postcard from the American Legion makes the point that teaching your child religion will prevent all kinds of personal and societal ills. Is this card ironic and campy, or still right on in 2011? Discuss!

The back of the card goes on to say:

"The Altars of God are the Hope of a Nation, The principles of religion alone
can avert spiritual, moral and economic bankruptcy. Going to church regularly
will make for happier homes and a better community life."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

After the Fire

Here's a view of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, postmarked on the back August 17,1907. It's a great view of the Fiske Hotel with a ferris wheel on the beach as well. The message says,

"Mr. Wallace and I was out here last to see the ruins of the big fire."

The fire the writer was talking about was the one on August 15, just two days prior. That fire destroyed the Fiske Hotel shown in the postcard, as well as 17 other hotels, 60 cottages, and an estimated 110 businesses. Voyeurs from miles around, just like our writer, came to see the ruins.

More about the fire, with lots of postcards, here:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fiddling Around

The owners of this Natchez, Mississippi motor court weren't fiddlin' around when they decided to name their place the "Stradivari." The shape of the sign says it all, although violins have a longer neck in proportion to the body than the one here. Anyway, we have to give them some credit for their creativity in branding!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Postcard Mystery

/ /
Here's a view of the Kalamazoo, Michigan Courthouse, postmarked 1907. The message from the sender writes a short message to Ralph, ending with the cryptic sentence: "I am awfully glad Mary kept her promise." OK, help me solve the mystery. What was the promise Mary kept?

It's Solid State!

Here's a postcard advertising the 500 MC Frequency Meter. If you were stuck with the job of marketing these, I wouldn't blame you for accompanying the hardware with a little software like Miss Sexy either.

Otherwise, you'd be relegated to presenting just the facts alone, which include "No. 2 in a Series from CMC," "Leader in Solid State Digital Instrumentation," "Only 15 vacuum tubes," and "Rugged Mudlar Construction."