Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fish Shanty, Los Angeles

From the back: Located in the heart of Restaurant Row, La Cienega at Fourth. Fish and Sea Food Luncheons, Dinners, and Cocktails temptingly served in a unique Marine Setting.

Not on the back: Our front door is shaped like a whale's mouth, enhancing your dining experience.


Postcard Perfect said...

What a beautiful postcard!

My Postcard Friendship Friday

Snap said...

I'm not sure entering through a whales mouth would enhance my dining experience, but it would be fun! Happy PFF!

MrCachet said...

LOL. My dining experience is enhanced by the front door? I wonder if the back door is shaped like a tail!

Have a very Happy Easter!

viridian said...

Hmm what kind of marine setting? Dancing mermaids? a fishowl at your table?

Dorincard said...

Thematic grand entrances...just imagine what some businesses could come up with [you make your own jokes]...:)