Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Guy with Axe

This mammoth statue of the mythological, legendary giant Paul Bunyon is in Bangor, Maine. It pays tribute to the men that made this most northerly section of the country (and my home state) famous for its lumber industry.

Other statues of Paul Bunyan were erected in Bemidji, Minnesota, Rumford, Maine, Brainerd, Minnesota, Westwood, California, Del Norte County, California, St. Ignace, Michigan, Ossineke, Michigan, Enchanted Forest Water Safari, New York, and in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, and Minoqua, Wisconsin.


Postcardy said...

I collect postcards of Paul Bunyan statues. Some of those are ones I didn't know about--I wonder if they are all on postcards.

Max said...

Postcardy, well now you have a new mission! I got the list from Wikipedia, a good starting point for just about everything.