Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving Stairs

Here's an old escalator from the Chicago Initial Subway System.  According to the back of this nice linen card, "Reversible escalators are to operate between train platforms and mezzanine stations of Chicago 8-3/4 mile, two route, initial subways.  Other equipment is to include streamlined all-metal cars, rubber-insulated tracks and fluorescent lighting."  The Chicago subway opened in the early 30's, and it looks quite pristine as compared to today.

Escalators come in lots of varieties.  While looking for more information about the stairs above, I stumbled upon a great article about escalators in the WebUrbanist site, which is one of my favorite sites altogether!  Take a look here: and you'll see the longest, the shortest, and the highest, as well as escalators that curve and ones that are built for bicycles!
Hold Child's Hand Keep Feet Away Sign

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VioletSky said...

How interesting to take a photo of the escalator for a postcard!
and thanks for that link - it is a great website to get lost in :)