Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fick's Drive Motel and Drive In

Love this old linen postcard from Brownsville, PA.  The Drive In Theater came first, then a restaurant, then the Fick's Motel, built by Isadore Ficks in 1953.  The ‘L'-shaped structure was constructed of concrete block and contained twelve units, each with a large window, an excellent view and beautiful ceramic tile baths. The motel included a ‘Honeymoon Suite.' There was also a businessman's unit which contains both desk and typewriter.  Speaker lines from the drive-in across Route 40 were connected to the motel, so the guests could also enjoy a movie by sitting outside in front of their room. They could see the screen and listen to the movie. What a nice image for a warm summer night!  In any event, thank goodness this motel existed before spray paint and graffiti, if you know what I mean!



Snap said...

I think I would have really enjoyed this place! Fun card. Happy PFF!

ficks said...

Some problems with this description.
Actually the restaurant came first, wooden structure in the built in the late 30's 40's pre WW II. There were wooden individual cabins, I don't remember how many. It was basic and the only one between Brownsville and Uniontown. The drive in theater was built later with one screen (I do not remember the date). It was the first in the area. I had left home in 1947. I have never seen the structure you describe. Isadore was my uncle and we had a garage right next door. What you describe was very upscale and glad he was such a success.

Max said...

@ficks, I appreciate the correction, however your comments should be directed to the source I used, which was

They might appreciate it!