Friday, May 4, 2012

Linen Hotel Trio

Here's a trio of great linen hotel postcards from a recent purchase.  All have interesting deco graphic design. 

At the top is the Hotel Connor of Joplin, Mo.  There's a fascinating, but tragic story that goes along with this hotel -- in 1978, it was being prepared to be demolished, and the day before the demolition a crew went inside to salvage some of the architectural details.  While they were inside the building, it spontaneously collapsed, having been purposely weakened in preparation for the demolition.  Two men died, and one survived, spending 3 days buried in the rubble of the hotel until being rescued.  More information is here:  Buried Alive , including a news report where they dragged the poor survivor to the original site (now a library with a display case of Hotel Connor lore), so he could reminisce for them. 

As a bonus, I included two more nice cards. There's the Hotel Chicagoan from the Windy City, showing off its sign, the Lounge, and a "typical bedroom."  And finally, it's the Battle House Hotel of Mobile, AL.  It's still there -- now as the Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa!  Enjoy!


Snap said...

I really do like the linen cards. there is something about the softness of color. old buildings -- three cheers!! Happy PFF!

LiT Web Studio said...

these are great! thanks for dropping by my blog and for pointing out your "twin" hotel card!

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