Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shell Oil Tower

According to the architect George Robb's website ( the Shell Oil Tower was the result of a 1954 architectural competition for an observation tower at the Canadian National Exhibition. The Tower appeared as a beacon in the night, surrounded by urban floodlights and activity. The Tower glimmered from within, emphasizing it openness, freedom of movement, and purpose as a conspicuously important place in the city.

The Tower was completed in 1955 and served as a landmark for its citizens. It was torn down in 1986. Yet it still holds a place in the history of Toronto as a significant and visionary example of civic architecture. Here's a photograph of the tower at some point in the '60's. Looks better in the illustration on the postcard, dont you think?


Grace Bailhache said...


I saw you enter on the PFF hop just before me and thought I would stop by!

Well, thanks for making me discover this tower I never heard about it before, I will ask to my canadians friends about it even if there are from Montreal they'll probably will have some things to say about it.

I also like better the illustration.

Happy FPP and hope to read you someday


papel1 said...

Its too bad it was torn down. Interesting competition.

gwyn said...
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Kaitlyn said...

Yes, it's perfect for a postcard. Excellent work for providing a little background.